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After filling this form proceed to make payment and share proof of payment to +2348067752437 to my WhatsApp or email

Mentorship Form
Mode of Payment
Naira Bank Name: WEMA Bank Acct no.: 7810222344 Acct name: Victor Vote Bank Name: PalmPay Acct no.: 8067752437 Acct name: Victor Vote USD Bank Name: UBA Acct No.: 2217006668 Acctt. name: Victor Vote Bank Name: Fidelity Bank Acct. No.: 6860057261 Acct. name: Victor Vote
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Good morning these are the ground rules:

1. No refund after payment already stated on the website.

2. Ignoring my message after it’s shown to me that you have read it will give you a strike. Three consecutive strikes will lead to removing you from this class without refund.

3. No gossip and side talk.

4. Days we have a general discussion or something that brings about the discussion that can lead to laughter and networking it is required you participate. Refusing to participate will attract a strike.

5. This is a class and collaboration is inevitable; so if you can not collaborate and network kindly exit the class now and a 60% refund will be due you immediately.

6. I can not work according to your schedule; you should have made time for this class. When you miss a class; you are forbidden from asking what you missed. This is a serious business and we hope you came prepared.

7. You agree to share experiences every day that will sum up our review publication.

8. For those outside Nigeria article 6 does not apply to you but not to those sharing the same time zones with Nigeria except you are a minimum of 3 hours ahead or behind WAT.

9. Babalawo and Ezewanyi are not allowed here. There is a spiritual ritual that protects students against deity worshippers; if you are worshipping a deity; you might lose your power to perform; poverty might strike you or fall ill and die. So kindly leave this group if you worship juju or deity or kindly call me to renounce that.

Other rules might apply as time goes on.

The Watered Religion

By filling this form you agree to this terms